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Don't worry! Just use one of the following options.
Option 1:
Enter your User ID and click GO.Then enter other details & click Submit,Your password will be shown here on same page
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Option 2:
Enter your 10 digit Mobile Number(given by you in your profile details).Then click "Get SMS",Your User ID & password will be sent to your Mobile Number.
Mobile Number :* +91   
Important for first time Users: If you are using this option for the first time then follow below steps:-
Step 1: Enter your 10 digit Mobile Number above(given by you in your profile details).Then click "Get SMS"
Step 2: You will Receive a Welcome SMS - "Dear ICMS user,your mobile no. is added to ICMS database for alerts related to ICMS Application, To confirm please reply : SMS START".
Step 3: Go to "Create Message" option in your mobile and Type "SMS START".Now sent this message to 8860622020.
Step 4: You will Receive confirmation SMS - "Thanks your for subscribing SMS alert from CRIS".If you don't receive this SMS in 5-10 minutes,repeat step 3 again.
Step 5: You will Receive another SMS containing your User ID & Password.
You have to perform these above steps only one time.
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